About Reentry 101

The cost of incarceration in our country is on a pace of unsustainable growth. Part of this cost is driven by the high rate of recidivism for people released from prison, as well as the high rates of failure for people cycling through county jails and/or on probation.

Reentry101.com is a non-profit organization using technology to connect people reentering society to the resources they need to succeed. We are a free resource not only for inmates being released from incarceration, but also for their friends and family members, as well as case managers, parole and probation officers, detention centers, and nonprofit agencies that work with this population.

This resource can also help people trying to return to society from homeless shelters and substance abuse treatment.

Our IT Director Steve Mursuli has extensive experience in this field and has already help set up a similar program in Colorado. Having been incarcerated in the Colorado Prison system, he has first-hand experience with the obstacles faced by inmates returning to society.

The website is already fully operational in Florida. Our hope is to expand reentry101.com to become a national information source for all those trying to reenter society.